Dark Knight Slot Details

The Dark Knight Slot is a new game released by Microgaming, this exciting slot game has proven to be very popular and fast become one of the most played slot games. The reasons behind its popularity are down to the fun and exciting Dark Knight theme and the massive progressive jackpot on offer.

Dark Knight Slot game

The Dark Knight Slot game is a five reel 243 ways to win slot game all themed around the caped crusader the Dark Knight. Thanks to an agreement with DC Comics and Warner Bros Microgaming were able to secure graphics from the hit Dark Knight movies. The symbols in the game all feature characters from these movies and the cinematic spins feature shows clips fr5om the movies between spins.

The Dark Knight is one of the most popular super heroes and he has a huge fan base so it would only make sense to release a Dark Knight Slot game. One of the Dark Knights biggest enemies features in the Dark Knight Slot game so players should expect to see the Joker appearing to create mischief and madness.

Dark Knight Slot Bonus

The next big reason behind the popularity of the Dark Knight Slot game is that it has one of the biggest jackpot bonuses online. The Dark Knight Slot is in fact a progressive slot making it a very exciting slot game to play. There are four progressive jackpots that players can try and win each starting at a different amount: 1. Mega Progressive starts at 1 000 000.00, 2. Major Progressive starts at 10 000.00, 3. Minor Progressive starts at 100.00 and 4. Mini Progressive starts at 10.00

So far the Mega Progressive is yet to be one and the jackpot is sitting way over a million but there have been some lucky players that have earned big wins from the Dark Knight Slot.